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Welcome to DFAC Recreational Basketball!

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DFAC Basketball in-house recreational league offers two seasons, Winter (December-March) and usually Summer (May-July), now moved to Fall (September-November) for both boys and girls currently in grades 1-8.  We also offer a variety of Camps, Clinics and Training programs for all skill levels.

Fall 2020 we will be adding a 3v3 Basketball League to replace our Summer League that was cancelled due to COVID-19.  Games will be played in October and November.  Scroll down this page for more details.

For the Winter season, practices will begin in December and all games will be played on Saturdays in January, February, and March.

The Summer season starts practices in late May and games are played Monday through Thursday evenings in June and July.  Teams will play 1-2 games per week with no weekend games.

All games for both the Winter and Summer seasons will be played inside at either the Desert Arroyo/Bella Vista Gym, Sonoran Trails Middle School Gym, or Cactus Shadows High School Gyms.

Get involved in Desert Foothills Basketball

There are many areas that we need help and support.  Most people think that if they don’t coach they probably can’t be involved in the league.  Quite the opposite.  We need help in many areas including Boys and Girls League Directors, gym set up, uniforms, trophies, pictures, league communications, social media, fund raising, referees and  equipment.  If you have interest in becoming involved with Desert Foothills Basketball, please contact us at [email protected].

3 v 3 Fall Basketball

Why Play a 3 v 3 League Instead of a 5 v 5 League for Fall 2020?

After months of planning and research we have decided that the DFAC fall league will be a 3 v 3 fall league instead of the traditional 5 v 5.  Reasons include limits/lower number of total players, increased involvement for all players, more games in a shorter season and limit exposure for all players, parents and staff.

• Expected player limits and thus lower number of total players
• Reduced exposure for players, parents and staff
• Increased involvement for all players during games
• Allow more games to be played since games are shorter
• Allow for condensed season to limit exposure 
• 3 v 3 Basketball is a great teacher of the game for all players
• Games can be scheduled where teams play 2 games back to back each game day to avoid groups of players and parents coming in and out of the gym.  Essentially one group of players, staff and parents will be in the gym without have groups to leave while other groups are entering and reducing the potential number of people coming in contact with each other.

Advantages of 3 v 3 Basketball vs 5 v 5 Basketball

Players Touch the Ball More Often
In a 5 v 5 game some players may rarely touch the ball in the entire game.  
In a 3 v 3 game players could possibly touch the ball every possession.  
The more those players handle the ball in game situations, the more they will improve.  
Statistics show that players are 3 times more likely to touch the ball in a 3 v 3 game.
More touches of the ball means more opportunities to make decisions and develop game skills
More Passing in 3 v 3
Our rules will require at least one pass before scoring on every possession.
Statistics show that 6 times more passes are made in a 3 v 3 game.
With less congestion there is more cutting and screening action in the game.
Players tend to pass the ball more because they know they are likely to get a pass back to them.
Sometimes in a 5 v 5 game, where a player might not touch the ball very often he will feel compelled to shoot when he gets the ball fearing he may not get the ball again the entire game.

More Room to Operate
There is much less congestion and better spacing.
In a 5 v 5 game with 10 players of the court, it is hard to find open players to pass to.
In a 3 v 3 game, there is a lot of open space and more room to work on their skills.
Fewer players on the court allows more room for driving to the basket, team play, and making split second in-game decisions that are critical to a young player’s development.

Players Learn the Game Better
In the 3 v 3 game players are a lot more active and typically run more pick and rolls, screen away from the ball and ball screen plays.
Players need to be more active and more involved in every possession.
Players will start to figure things out on their own which improves their basketball IQ.
No coaches means kids have to make decisions for themselves, communicate better and be better teammates.

More Shots per Game
Statistics show that 4 times more shots are taken in a 3 v 3 game vs a 5 v 5 game.
With more space and fewer players on the court it is easier for players to get a good shot.
Possessions are shorter because players don’t have to dribble the ball full court each possession.
We use a 24-second shot clock so there is no stalling and players have to work for a shot quicker.
More shot opportunities will help players get more in-game shots up and improve their ability to finish and score in-game pressure settings.

Players Have More Fun
We don’t have an official statistic to measure fun but kids love it.
Players get the ball more.
Players shoot more.
Players get more chances to develop their skills in a game setting.
Parents love to see their child get more opportunities to be involved in the action.

Registration Listing

Basketball - Fall League 2020

Boys & Girls Leagues, Grades 1-7 for 2020-2021 school year
$20 "EARLY BIRD" discount through July 30
Additional $20 New Uniform Fee (if you don't already have one)

Recreational Basketball - Grades 1-8

Registration closes on 09/12/2020 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 09/19/2020 to 11/21/2020

We need you!

DFAC Basketball Leadership Committee
We are currently looking for folks to join our leadership committee for the recreational basketball program.  We have several areas that need help and support including league directors, gym coordinators, uniforms, trophies, league communications, referees, special events and fundraising.  This is a great way to support the youth of our community.  If you are interested in finding out more information, email us at [email protected]

Gym Volunteers Needed
Volunteers are needed to set up and close gyms for the winter season.  Help is needed to set up tables, chairs and game equipment before all games and clean up and put all equipment away after games.  It takes 2-3 people about 20 minutes before and after games to complete.  If you are able to help out on Saturdays, email us at [email protected]


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