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    Practices Begin - December 2014
    Game Schedules Posted - January 7, 2015
    Uniforms to Coaches - January 15, 2015
    Games Begin - January 17, 2015
    Picture Day - February 21, 2015
    Final Games - March 14, 2015

    No Food Or Drink In The Gyms
    Coaches please remind all your players that No Food or Drinks are allowed in the gyms during games.  Water is OK.  Please ask your players to pick up all garbage, water bottles, ect. left in the bench area and the bleachers even if itís not your mess.  Also, outside the gyms have been left with garbage on the ground after snacks are passed out.  Please make sure all materials are placed in the garbage cans after your games.  If we all pitch in and help it should only take a minute of two after each game.

    School Employees
    We have had complaints that when asked to clean up people have been rude to the custodians.  Remember, they are employed by the school district for school maintenance, do not make their job any harder than it needs to be.  Please respect them and any school employees or DFAC personal that may be on the school grounds during our games. So if a school employee or DFAC representative asks you to pick up your garbage, get your kids off the top of the bleachers or move your car please do so quickly and respectfully.

    We would like to remind everyone to park only in the designated parking areas.  Also, please follow the directional arrows when driving through the parking lots.  It is very important for our kid's safety that we are following the driving patterns set up by the schools.  Take the extra 30 seconds to drive and park properly.  We have over 300 kids plus parents in our gyms each Saturday.  At some of the schools soccer is still going on and baseball will be starting soon to add to the mix.


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